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Unlimited Access to Marty & Manny in their Private Facebook Group, PLUS...

A 4-part comprehensive training course with 22 videos that will teach you how to...

"They literally walked me through every single element of fixing and flipping in easy-to-undertsand language, step by step guides and access to many spreadsheets and calculators."  

Jim Robinson - Mentoring Program Student

Marty & Manny's Private Facebook Group

Interact with Marty & Manny online and get their advice on how to estimate rehab costs and analyze your deal. Get feedback on how to present your deal to prospective lenders and investors. AND, interact with other students and ask questions as you work through the training videos.

Deal Document Vault and Ongoing Support

Every spreadsheet Marty & Manny use to estimate their rehab costs and determine target profit. Get the legal forms they use to structure deals with investors. PLUS, 2-3 new videos a month covering how to find distressed sellers and what to look for prior to buying distressed properties.

A Word From Marty & Manny...

“When we first started out we didn't know where to find houses to fix and flip, or how to get the cash to buy them. We wasted thousands of dollars on gurus and seminars. Through trial, and a lot of error, we finally figured it out. Now we want to show you exactly how to fix and flip like we do in this video!”

Add to Cart - $797